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Meet David

David is a seventh generation Texan. He was born in Lubbock and grew up in Dallas, spending summers and weekends in East Texas at the family’s home place in Avinger, where his family settled in the mid 1800s. David and his family have lived in Longview since 2000.

for Liberty

Liberty is advanced with knowledge and a responsible use of freedom by each person in his or her particular sphere of influence. Join our team in spreading the message of liberty and limited government in every part of East Texas.

Recent News

KLTV-ABC Covers Simpson Fight For Marriage
July 27, 2015
Marriage is our most sacred institution and five liberals in black robes can’t change 10,000 years of history. It’s time to take marriage away from government and give the power back to our churches and communities where it belongs.
Simpson Takes the Next Step in the Fight for Marriage
July 13, 2015
(Longview, TX) Monday, David Simpson sent a letter to Governor Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Patrick, Attorney General Paxton and Speaker Straus concerning the decisions of state agencies to pay benefits for same-sex partners. Simpson observed that the Texas constitution prohibits new spending without legislative approval. Simpson started his letter stating, “The further we are removed from […]

Second Amendment
We must expand the 2nd amendment rights of all Texans. It’s unfortunate that other states are leading the way in expanding gun rights while Texas lags behind.

Open Government
The actions of a government of the people, by the people and for the people should be open and transparent to its citizenry.

Without life, there can be no liberty. So the first duty of civil government should be to protect innocent human life.

Individual Liberty
The best way to preserve liberty is to use it responsibly. Individuals should be left free to make decisions for themselves enjoying (or suffering) the results of those choices.

Property Rights
Private property is the product of an individual’s labor and the sanctity of property is a cornerstone of a free nation.

Limited Government
Civil government should be limited to administering justice and ensuring basic order; otherwise it should leave us alone unless we harm our neighbor.

Free Market
Solutions, innovation and prosperity are best realized voluntarily in a free market unencumbered by government regulations or corporate incentives or subsidies.

Rule of Law
Elected officials should not be above the law, but particularly cognizant of its application to themselves and not just the citizenry.

Border Security
Border Security is the responsibility of the federal government, but it’s Texas’ problem and we must fix it.

Local control is essential to allowing school districts to meet the needs unique to their community, dollars should also be focused on the classroom and the government should stay out of regulating homeschool and private schooled students.